In February 2021, after grieving the loss of his beloved dog Jasper, Peter felt it was time to start looking for his next companion. Peter has always adopted his pets – knowing that shelter dogs have the biggest personalities – and this time was certainly no exception! “He ran right to me,” Peter says, recalling his first meeting with Ziggy. “He jumped up in my arms and didn’t want me to let him go.” 

Peter tells us that Ziggy has a personality akin to that of a 3-year-old child; “Ziggy’s always pushing boundaries and wanting to learn and see new stuff. He’s a big goofball, who thinks he’s a 20 pound puppy, not 65 pounds of muscle.” The energetic pup loves to go on long walks. And when a walk doesn’t tire him out, it’s time for zoomies in the backyard before bed!

“He keeps me going and active,” Peter says, “Him being so outgoing and social has made me be more outgoing and social.” Their daily walks have led to new 4-legged and 2-legged friends! Peter feels that Ziggy is a dog like no other; smart, handsome, friendly, and exactly what he needed after losing Jasper.

“Ziggy just wants to meet everybody and be loved.”

Peter and Ziggy are the perfect fit for each other. Peter tells us simply that when he looks at Ziggy he knows “he’s home.”

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