Each spring, shelters across the country experience an influx of kittens and pregnant mother cats. This period is known as ‘kitten season’. Over the next few months, we expect to receive over 100 rescued kittens. Some kittens are born at NCAL and some arrive as newborns who are too young to be adopted. These kittens are often placed in foster homes where they receive love and care until they are old enough to be adopted into their forever home.

For years, Anne Exler has fostered multiple litters of kittens through NCAL each kitten season. Here’s what she wants people to know about what it means to be a foster mom!

“We LOVE fostering cats and kittens! It is so much fun to watch kittens change from tiny squirming beans to adorable fluffy dynamos who gallop around the room. We get to see changes happening daily and celebrate the first kitten to walk out of the nesting box, use the litter box, try solid food, and climb the kitty condo. There is no feeling in the world like having a whole litter of kittens napping on you. My personal favorite thing is getting to midwife the kittens into the world. It’s amazing that the mom knows exactly what to do, and we quietly stand by to cheer her on and assist if needed.

It’s so important that kittens especially have a safe homey place to live where they will have frequent contact with multiple people. Kittens, even those with feral moms, become attached firmly to us humans during their weeks with us, so they can enjoy life as loving companion animals.

Most of us who love cats can’t adopt as many kittens and cats as we have room in our hearts for, but by fostering we get to be friends with many more. We are so lucky to have met and bonded with dozens of wonderful kittens and mom cats. I keep a journal with all the names and details, but there are many that I will never forget. I always tell people it is the best volunteer job in the world.”

Interested in fostering a cats or dogs? Please visit ncal.com/foster to learn more & apply!