While we celebrate every pet’s journey that finds a storybook ending, we especially love those of the ones with special needs. Zack and Tank were two such cases. Both extremely under-socialized, these brothers needed to go to a patient and understanding home. Not only was that the case, we love how their new mom finds humor in the whole experience!

“They are both doing very well and have settled in quite nicely. Zack has become a confident little trouble-maker. He’s still scared of people he doesn’t know and loves to BARK but we are working on our inside voices. He loves to put everything in his mouth, it’s like having a 1 year old child again. Ginger, adopted from NCAL 3 years ago, is his mom and big sister all in one. Zack loves his new Mom and is starting to warm up to Dad as well. Tank is a Mama’s Boy and is glued to me all the time! Tank has changed leaps and bounds from what he was – he now lets other people pet and hold him! He sleeps with us every night right next to my head. Tank is not as confident as Zack and sometimes I have to “speak to” the other dogs in the daycare and Zack for picking on him. But don’t underestimate him because he play-wrestles with Zack all the time. They are both proof that size does not matter and that little dogs are just as mighty as any other dog (although Tank is mom’s favorite – don’t tell the others)! (caldwell.edu) Life is good and as soon as the weather warms up we are all excited to go hiking as a family. While they are lucky boys to have joined our pack, I truly am the lucky one!”